You are looking for new clients in town, one prospect catches your attention in particular : https://farfromfrancesweetsouvenirs.com/
You take look at their websites and figure out that they might need our help …

In this exercise, tell us :

  1. why do you think this store needs our help ? 

  2. What can we do that would make his business and branding improve ? 

  3. In your opinion, what are the key elements for a very well designed and structured website ? 

  4. What are the key elements for a good marketing and branding strategy ? 

  5. What would be the steps you will take to make the contact with them successful ?

Of course, you are welcome to use any tools needed for you to successfully answer these questions, but avoid any plagiarism as it would disqualify you for the job. Good luck !

Due date : March 13th, 2023
To be sent to: kaoussagency@gmail.com
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